How to Spot Genuine Silk from Fake Ones?

Silk is known as the queen of all fabrics because of the luxury and timeless elegance it exudes. Because it is a special fabric, silk clothes are often priced higher than ordinary clothes. Aside from clothing, silk is also used on other household materials such as beddings, pillowcases and curtains. Your investment won’t go to waste when buying silk clothes because it is very durable and never goes out of style.

However, fake silk has been slowly creeping in the market because of the price and demand for silken clothes. Don’t let your money go to waste by applying these simple tips on how to tell genuine silk from fake ones.

Perform a Touch Test

Practically, you touch almost anything before buying them and this is essential when choosing silk products. No matter what garment it is, rub the fabric with your hands and feel if there’s warmth. When it gets warm after rubbing then it’s definitely genuine silk. You’ll never feel warmth with fake silks no matter how much you rub them.

Do the Ring Test

Real silk fabric is having a smooth and flexible texture. When buying silk scarves or other smaller silk articles, perform the ring test to know if it’s real. Gently place the garment into your ring and pull it through. Real silk can easily pass through a ring without getting stuck or crumpled. Fake ones usually scrunch up and can’t pass through because they lack the smoothness and flexibility of real silk.

Check the Price

Silk clothing is really costlier than regular and synthetic ones so you have an idea if it’s not real silk by just checking the price. Make sure to perform the others tests too since there are some sellers who sell fake ones with prices at par with genuine ones. Genuine silk is always the best and if you’re looking for high quality silk clothing, Sophie Doyle The Fable got you covered.

Check Its Lustre

Genuine silk has a lustrous appearance because of the unique combination of threads in the fabric. Carefully look at the surface of silk and view it from different angles. When it is really silk, the colours appear to be changing as you switch between different angles of viewing. Fake silk doesn’t have this amazing quality and only gives off a white sheen no matter how you view it.

Gets Better Through Time

Genuine silk looks even more beautiful through time. With proper care and maintenance, your silk clothing will surely continue to look its best no matter how old it is. This is quite opposite with fake ones since their colours fade as time passes by. Fake ones will surely look old after using them for a long time. Why waste your resources when you can invest in good quality silk and enjoy it for a long time?

With these helpful tips, you are now armed and ready to find stylish garments made from genuine silk that is surely a treasure to keep.

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