How To Buy Accessories For Men

We all have that someone in our lives that we have difficulty buying gifts for. Most probably, it is the men in our lives. It’s our father, our brother, our son or our significant other. If you are stuck in this dilemma every birthday, every anniversary or every Christmas, the list below of accessories you could purchase for the men in your lives.


Your father, son, brother or your partner might not be a fan of jewelry but it is better to still have that could be worn during special occasions. It would not hurt to have a necklace that could spring up a rather boring polo or long sleeves. A bracelet would make his outfit more together and well put instead of just a watch. Rings are another additional jewelry or accessory for men that are underrated and could honestly give a classy touch to any ensemble. If you are set on giving jewelry to the men in your life, start small. Check out the collection of mens rings online from Etrnl. You would not be disappointed and it’s a guarantee that the guy who would receive your gift would definitely appreciate it.


Similar to jewelry, the men in your life would not buy cufflinks for themselves. And the need to purchase one would only arise when there is actually a need for them. So, before you actually consider using safety pins in his cuffs for a special event, consider buying them cufflinks. They might not appreciate it at first and would tell you they’d rather prefer to have the newest smartphone or the most expensive sneakers or even a new bike. But, if they have a job interview or meeting a very important client, they would surely thank you for buying them the cufflinks.

Neckties And Tie Clips

Another significant yet overlooked male accessories. Men often spend a lot on buying their suits and would just pick any random necktie or whatever necktie that could just fit their remaining money from buying a suit. This should not be the case. Neckties might just be a piece of fabric but it could actually ruin a man’s formal ensemble, no matter how expensive or gorgeous their suits are. If the tie is clashing with the long sleeved polo’s design, the whole outfit might look tacky. Similar to neckties, tie clips are also an essential part of any respectable male’s wardrobe.


Belts are not just worn to keep the pants from falling. Belts are also an integral part of a whole outfit. Having a matching colored belt and shoes would make your ensemble more formal, which is essential during weddings, award ceremonies, and other formal events.


Similar to belts, watches are now worn aside from their functionality to tell the wearer the time. Watches with leather straps should match the color of the belt and shoes. If opting for metal straps, you could not go wrong with silver since some guys would be hesitant to wear gold, especially younger men.

Accessory buying for males is not that difficult. Subtly ask them what they prefer or be observant of the accessory that seems to be missing from your father, son, brother or partner’s closet.

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