Things in A Wedding That Your Wedding Guests Don’t Really Care About

Weddings are generally expensive occasions; this is a fact that is widely accepted. And while it’s true that most of these expenses can be worked around, as the bride and groom, you might be tempted to give into some of your indulgences…which is perfectly fine! However, the below are a few things that couples generally tend to splurge or (when it comes to wedding organizing) …but are completely uncared for and ignore by their guests.

The Invitation for Your Big Day

If you ask us what is the most useless thing to spend a fortune on when it comes to organizing a wedding, we wouldn’t hesitate to say the wedding invitation cards. More often than not, these little delicate pieces of paper and cardboard end up being tossed into the bin almost on the same day that they are received;

smart phone reminders are set instead. Do your best to avoid over spending time and money in finding the perfect card, as you and your soon to be spouse are probably the only two people at the whole wedding who will even bother saving the card…

To Venue or No to Venue?

The venue of a wedding ceremony and reception is very important; but not as life changing as you’d think. To be honest, unless you happen to be gearing up for a destination wedding, even function venues Melbourne will work perfectly for an intimate wedding.

Focus on finding a space that is pretty to look at and perhaps memory evoking to the two of you. Ensure there’s plenty of space for everyone to be comfortable. Above all, make sure it’s somewhere easy to locate and to get to…

Wedding Themes That Are Unusual

Having themes for weddings are pretty common nowadays. It not only does it make it interesting and memorable for the guests, it also gives something for them to look forwards to.

However, we suggest that you try not to have a theme that’s too unusual. The reason for this is simple; it will inconvenience your guests. This is especially true if they have to dress according to the theme…

How Glamorous Your Wedding Shoes Are

We understand that in order to make your wedding day truly special for yourself, you need to have that perfect dress that suits your body and skin tone perfectly. It’s also ok for you to give into your indulgences and have the dress extra poof-y or flow-y as you desire.

However, when it comes to the wedding shoes, we think you should wear something comfortable; instead of those traps some shoe companies call shoes. Remember, your shoes will be barely visible to your guests; and they really don’t care about your shoes…!

The Material of Your Table Clothes

There are moments in which as the couple to be wedded, it’s perfectly alright to go a little overboard with your wedding prep. Especially if you can afford to be a little extravagant. However, you need to be reasonable even about this extravagancy.

If one of those extravagant indulgences happen to be selecting the perfect table clothes for your reception tables, we strongly suggest putting a stop to that madness. Trust us, neither will your guests notice the material of those clothes…nor will they care!

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