The case for custom tailored clothes

Tailored clothes are those which are made bespoke for each customer, according to their preferences and in their own style. Although tailored clothes are most commonly used by men, tailors do tailor women’s clothes as well. Generally, a tailor will give their customer the freedom of adjusting almost every aspect of the design including the materials used. This results in a unique design of clothing that is always satisfactory to the customer. Although procuring bespoke clothing is expensive, it will pay for itself in the long term, and is almost always recommended for professionals. It may even be less expensive than higher end branded clothes which are still generally lower quality compared to custom tailored clothes. This article will detail several reasons why you may want to opt for custom tailored clothing as opposed to off the shelf or branded clothing, especially for formal wear.

It always fits

The main benefit of getting clothes tailored is that they are custom made for your measurements. Hence, they always fit. Most off the shelf clothes are designed for the average body that does not accommodate for the variations in measurements in different areas of the body even for the same overall size. Clothes which are tailored to your measurements are easy and comfortable to wear and highlight the shape of the body. In contrast, ill-fitting clothes are very noticeable as they look baggy or too tight in different areas. For professional settings, custom tailored jackets allow one to look their best without hindering comfort or movement.

Control over the design

Tailors allow you to customise almost every aspect of the design. This essentially means that every tailored dress is unique to you and is an expression of your fashion style. Custom made clothing allows one to express themselves in a way off the shelf clothes never could and forges a personal fashion brand.


When buying off the shelf clothes, you are restricted to the materials they use for a specific design, or if selecting by materials, you are restricted to the designs available for that material. With bespoke clothing, you can select your own material and ensure that they are up to your standards of quality. Tailors will, within reason, produce the required style of clothes in almost any requested material. The material quality also has a significant impact on the lifespan of the attire, which is why bespoke clothing is known to last quite a while longer than even the highest quality off the shelf clothes.

Save time

Shopping for clothes, especially if you have a style or quality in mind, can be time consuming. There is also never a guarantee of the clothes fitting, being in stock, or even available in the required style and quality. With custom tailoring, this is all but eliminated as after giving the measurements and specifications to the tailor, all you need to do is wait for them to finish. The resulting product will always fit and will be in the style you specified.

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