Advantages of Advertising on Facebook for Your Business

Social media is very popular within all ages and backgrounds of people and one of the social media platforms that have stayed relevant to this day is Facebook. While it started as a way of connecting people, it has evolved to the version you see today and advertising on Facebook is something that has become very popular because of the high number of people that frequent the site.

Facebook provides a great option for advertising and their potential has only grown since the pandemic. The costs of advertising have become lower so that you can use this kind of marketing in the initial stages of your start-up company. The pay-per-click system that is the basis of Facebook advertising provides an affordable system that is fast and effective. But you need to know how to use this feature and to get better results you can hire a Facebook advertising agency Brisbane. You will get a better result by optimising the ads so that you can target exactly the audience you are looking for. You will be able to micro-target the audiences so that you get better visibility.

The beauty of social media is that you can access a large amount of data regarding the users. You will be able to gauge their impression of you as a company and what they think about the products. And this will give you valuable insight into the type of people that use your product and are interested in it. This helps you understand your audience better and you are able to create new products and create compelling marketing approaches based on this information. You will be able to understand where your audience is located, the languages they use, their income levels, gender, age, occupations, recent purchases they make and what they frequently search for and most importantly, their interests. This information

You are able to target your audience precisely by using the options provided by Facebook ads. You will be able to separate your core audiences and set up campaigns that target them specifically. You will also be able to find people who have interacted with your brand and therefore increase their interest. The audience insights provided by Facebook will let you know who interacts with the page and what their history of interaction is like within this social media platform generally. Tools like Ad Manager are very helpful in selecting the audience for your campaign.

Facebook ads also perform better than other options. People are more likely to click on the ads they see on their feed and this creates a great opportunity for businesses. You will be able to quickly build up a customer base just through the use of social media. There are also different types of ads that you can use on Facebook. There are photo ads that you can use with a caption, stories that can be customised and they can either be videos or images, video ads, slideshows, carousel ads made of static images that the user can scroll and view etc. You can also show ads using messenger which is the messaging app of the platform. So you don’t need to be limited to a certain type of ad and this allows you to explore the creativity of the brand even further.

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