Important Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful because there is so much to keep in mind and do. Of course you can hire a wedding planner who would plan all of it out for you and make life very easy. But not all of us can afford a wedding planner in which case we end up doing everything on our own. The main aspects of planning the wedding such as the outfits, food, venue, décor, photography and music are usually given enough attention. However, there are many minor things that we may forget to focus on and as a result end up costing a lot of stress to everyone included in the wedding. So read on to find out what these minor issues are and start addressing them in your plan.

Transport And Accommodation

Usually bride and groom with their retinue get ready at a different location to where the wedding is happening. Especially if there’s a church ceremony. You must think ahead on how you are travelling back and forth from these locations. A vehicle and a driver (if required) should be organized. If you wish to make a grand entrance on your special day and want to accommodate the whole retinue it is better to organize for a limousine.

Furthermore, if it is a destination wedding or you have invited relatives from abroad, then you might have to plan out their accommodation as well. Either at homes of friends and family or at hotels would be a choice you have to make depending on availability and your budget as well.

Consider The Weather Report

Most of us like to have an outdoor wedding at the beach or a garden but we forget to consider the weather report. So make sure that you check the weather report beforehand. But sometimes that’s not enough. So always have a backup plan in case it rains. Also if you want to catch the sunset for good photographs, make sure you clear the schedule to accommodate a slot for that time.

Mind The Allergies

Your guests can have various allergies to food items which you must be mindful of. So tell the caterers to have a name board of the dish and any common allergy prone ingredients mentioned as well. You can also choose not to include any dishes containing common allergens like peanuts in your menu for the safety of all. The last thing you need is a medical emergency ruining your day!

Assign A Person To Oversee The Event

As the bride and groom you will not be able to do any planning or over-seeing at the actual wedding. Therefore, you need to assign one person who is not even in the retinue to do this for you. Planning the time for you to come to the church ceremony is an example of something that this person would be in charge of.

Planning a wedding is like a full time job. No matter how well you plan it you can forget certain minor things and here is a reminder of some of them.

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