How to Treat Yourself This Singles’ Day!

Were you aware of the single’s day? Many of us have at least heard of the event which was started as a tradition in China, celebrating single people. It usually comes around November each year and what single people mostly do on that day is going on shopping! One of the biggest retailers in online business witnesses’ sales of more than 20 billion dollars during this day. Nevertheless, if you are a single person or maybe not (who cares!) you can always go online and treat yourself to some nice clothes on the single’s day.

Celebrating Single’s Day

As mentioned above, it is a Chinese celebration or rather a tradition to have this day named for the singles. It usually falls on the 11th of November, where the two “one’s” stand for 1, which means single. With time, the celebration and the concept of single’s day spread all around the world. It became more and more recognized and celebrated in many countries.

As many of the other traditional events and days, the single’s day also has become a shopping sensation. Recognizing the opportunities and potentials of the day, most brands have begun to come up with discounts and special offers. If you visit any online site, selling common stuff such as clothes and jewellery, you will see notifications put up for the upcoming single’s day sales.

Where Would You Go This Single’s Day?

Try to browse the web and find out the best discounts available. Of course, there will be discounts available in physical stores as well, but rather than walking around in the city looking for discount centres, it is much easier and convenient to do it at the comfort of your own house.

You could search and filter what you want, based on the rate of discounts you are getting. Most shops offer a discount of 11% to reflect the November 11th single’s day and some offer 22%, again to have a single day meaning to it. If you were waiting to buy summer cardigans Australia or a branded pair of shoes, this is the time to do it.

Why Target the Singles?

It is quite obvious why the singles would be targeted by the shop owners. Most of them are employed and earn a tidy sum every month. Being single and most probably without any other familial responsibilities, they would have a higher spending potential on non-essential goods.

In addition, living all alone by yourself and being single on top of that, could be comparatively distressing and it is also a way for anxiety to settle in. For all those problems, a bit of retail therapy might be a solution. Of course, this is not a medically prescribed therapy, but spending some of what you have earned and buying something for yourself can lead to bringing in positive energy. Go out and have some fun. Make sure you have enough funds and allocate a certain percentage only for these sales as you don’t want to end up so close to Christmas with less money than you would have thought that you have.

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