Graduation Party Ideas and Organizing Tips

If your child who is graduating from high school or college, this time of the year, your household will be very excited. Not only there are so many obligations for the school, you might also have other stuff to do for the ceremony of graduation of your child. And of course we cannot forget the graduation party! It is a must and planning that can be quite time consuming not to mention a bit demanding. So how can you plan a successful graduation party?

Make Sure This Is What Your Child Wants 

Regrettably, many parents presume the graduation party is somewhat of a rite of passage or a tradition. Well, that is sort of the gist of it, but it may not be exactly what your son or daughter wants. Therefore it is important that you talk to them before you start planning. Just sit with them and talk about whether they want to be part of the planning process, whether they want a big bash or a small party at home, or even whether they want a party at all…

Kids nowadays are quite different in their thinking and they might have decided to go out and have some fun with their friends rather than having a graduation party at home. It is nothing for you to be sad about, it is just the way of the world. Most of the kids don’t want to be the center of the attention even for a day, and prefer to celebrate things as a group rather than having a party which targets them specifically.

What About The Guest List?

If your kid does not want to be part of the planning process, it is important that you work on a preliminary guest list and share it with them. First of course you can jot down your family members and close relatives, friends and maybe the co-workers you would like to invite for the party. When the names are listed down, you can go on to decide the number of heads and based on that whether you can have the party at home or you will need to hire an external venue.

However before finalizing the number of heads, talk to your son or daughter to see whether if there are any more friends they want invited or anyone else which they have in mind such as a mentor or an employer of theirs who helped them a lot during that summer part-time job etc. All in all, guess list is one of the very first tasks you have to get into because without knowing the number of heads you won’t be able to decide a lot of things such as the venue, amount of food you have to order and so on.

Invitations And Entertainment Options 

Of course today e-invites have gained popularity. Nevertheless, due to the many social media platforms available today, if you are going ahead with e-invites, other than emailing them, you will have to create events on Facebook, Instagram and so many other platforms. You can Click to see the variety of options available. Picking one could be difficult and it might result to be wrong as well.

A formal invitation is always considered respectful and it is, at the end of the day, the best way to invite any guest for any event. Ensure that these paper invitations are sent out at least three weeks in advance, and you can pick and choose for a graduation theme from many online stores along with gift packaging and wrapping options.

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