Bridal Shower Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Planning an event for your best friend requires careful planning. If you and your best friend are two people that see the importance of having a group of friends that stick together and invests in occasions such as this, make moments like this all too special to forget.

A bridal shower event doesn’t necessarily have to be something that can be considered typical and have the usual expected surprises and activities. Instead, making the event fun will encourage all your friends to look beyond what they expected and eventually not only create memories with each other but also to create a strong bond.

Here are a few ways in which you can pull off a successful event of that sort.

Come Up With a Theme

Deciding on a theme for the event shouldn’t be difficult.  A theme that is subtle, yet fun is what you would want to be looking for. Once you have chosen the theme you would be going with, you could appoint a group of friends within the circle of invitees to work together to help to pull off the event. Make sure the team is aware and able to pull it off. They will need to make sure that they are able to get some gifts for the bride.

To make sure that the gifts are interesting, buy some great lingerie like a black lace bralette before her special day. Brief those concerned on what the plan for the event is and specify what you would like to see weaved into the celebrations. For example, instead of games, include activities where the participants of the team are chosen at random to answer fun questions. Coordinate with the groups of friends in charge and asked to be kept in the loop if there are any changes made in the program.

Set a Rough Budget

Set up a rough budget and try your hardest to stay within the limit. Make sure that before setting a budget for the event; you had better confirm the number of expected friends and the cost of the caterer for the event if you are choosing to have one. If not, knowing how much pre-drinks will cost or how much you are looking to spend for dinner before you all go out to paint the town red is something that you will need to keep in mind

Finalize the Menu

If you are choosing to have a caterer for the event before all of you head out, you will need to finalize the menu. When finalizing the menu, make sure that all your friends and even her family, if they are expected to attend the dinner have informed you of their preference of food so that it could be catered in accurate quantities. It would also be important for you to make certain that caterers arrive on time and things run as planned and are set up in an area that would not get in the way of running your activities.

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